1 Human being = 1 Human being: Not rocket science

A debate about gender equality emerged yesterday on one of my liberal friends’ facebook page because he (who happens to have moved to the US last year to study after living his whole life in our developing country) posted that he he was sick of the amount of sexist posts he’s been seeing on facebook. He posted in Arabic meaning that he was addressing his fellow Arabs and not his other International friends.

Most of the comments he received could be only described in the terms he used in his original post to criticize the sexism itself: “disgusting, fusty, primitive, pathetic, and nauseous”.  Probably not a coincidence that most of these comments were from religious fundamentalists. Their arguments were situated around the fact that women are different than men, which “logically” justifies treating them less than their counterparts. Non sequiturs at their best!

This reasoning perfectly makes sense to me ; For an egocentric selfish person/society, there’s always an excuse to regard another human being as less than equal: race, class, education, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, history, and etc. Gender is merely one of the excuses for people suffering from a more general lack of morality and ethical maturity.

My point is that gender inequality is not the problem per se. It’s a result of failure in a true understanding (perhaps deliberately due to a lack of desire) of human equality. This is already settled in culturally (not politically) developed societies (not countries), unlike their neighbors who still belong to the infancy of humanity.

To me, the root of all evil is: considering another person’s life and/or rights as less valuable than that of anyone else ..

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