A love poem .. to “reading”

My dear sweetheart,

When we first met,
I was utterly alone
Forever you were left
You endured without a moan

When I was told about you,
I seemed to lack interest
Now my eyes shout, “I beg you!
Please give us some rest!”

When everyone forgets me,
you show that you won’t
The more I know about thee,
the more I know I don’t

Sometimes you are neglected
But I never hear you complain
As a mortal my death is expected
But in your pages I live again

I couldn’t find anyone like you in any other place
You have a unique way of warping time and space

The more time I spend with you the more friends I earn
You give me yourself and expect nothing in return

Even though I live in the valley of darkness, I know no fear
For you show me how to light a candle, and wipe away my tear

You’re my pleasure, you’re my wisdom, you’re my door
You’re my passion, my obsession, my insanity
Thanks to you; I’m not a single drop any more
I am now the infinite ocean of humanity

Your Philomath

Dedicated to the person who made me fall in love with reading, consequently changing my life forever: Mr. M N


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