A sting to remember

Truth is everybody is going to hurt you: you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.
~ Bob Marley

Even if this place was the richest part of the world or the most modern nation on Earth, it would still be a living hell for people like myself. You see, this place’s ugliness lies deep inside the very disgusting nature of the people inhabiting it themselves.

One example -just one out of many- of what people like myself have been suffering from for years is: the ill lack of DECENCY. This can sometimes reach a painful extent that they can ask for your help, and then when you actually care to give them some of your time and effort, they can somehow manage to steal your work and gain credit for it without even the slightest awareness of the stink of their wickedness. Make no mistake, this is no accident. This is a character flaw that results from the absence of one of humanity’s most noble and advanced values: HONESTY. A society without honesty doesn’t deserve to be described as a “society”. “Herd of speaking animals trying to selfishly survive on each other’s pain” might be a more accurate name.

The interesting thing about this, though, is that those people are so stupid that they actually believe that dishonesty is smart and subtle! I have to admit that one has to take a minute to fully contemplate this; we have a group of primitive people who share some limited amount of resources who believe that the smartest way of dealing with the situation is being as close to dirty animals as possible instead of cooperating and investing the best of their nature to make the best of their situation. The sad thing is that they think that by doing this they’re more intelligent than those who don’t, and they strive to make sure the disease is passed over to future generations through systematic indoctrination of children …

Of course, living among millions of people who never fail to continuously lie to your face and never stop trying to deceive you is one thing, but getting this from your closest friends and family multiplies the sting’s pain in an unimaginable way!

But if I were to pick the single most unbearable part of the primitive deformed personality, I’d easily chose “inability of acknowledging and admitting one’s mistakes”! This, I believe, is the cornerstone of decline and the barrier against any form of improvement whatsoever …


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