The Exodus (phase 1): The beautiful smell of liberty =)

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“Congratulations! You’re now a Permanent Resident of Canada!”
~ Immigration officer at the Montreal international airport, 18th of Oct 2015, around 4:30 pm EST

I’ll never forget these words for what they meant to me. However, several months ago I imagined I would be ten times more excited about hearing them, but my excitement was temporarily limited for other reasons …

The Exodus is the event described in the Hebrew bible as the migration of ancient Jews from the pharaoh land of Egypt, where they lived in bitter slavery for years, to their promised land of welfare and freedom. My story strongly relates to this one.

I’m writing this entry and it’s my 5th day in Canada after I was finally able to leave my filthy 3rd world jungle[1]! Being a Canadian PR (permanent resident) means that I have the right to work, live, and spend the rest of my life in Canada. I also have the right to apply for Canadian citizenship after spending a certain amount of time inside Canada. There should usually be nothing that can force a PR to return to his/her former country. To me this was something I was working on for almost 17 months, and something I was dreaming about for more than 17 years! Despite my deep admiration for Canada specifically -for multiple reasons, the destination country itself wasn’t the goal as much as leaving my old country behind and never having to return back to that nightmare. Nevertheless, I have to return to that country (that I happily no longer like to call mine) in 3 weeks. But for a good reason I believe …

While my PR was being processed by the Canadian government, I learned about job openings at a huge US company. The vacancies were at its office in Ireland. I did some research about Ireland and found that it would be a very nice place to live and perhaps settle down. At that point, there was no way of knowing whether my Canadian PR was going to be approved or not, so shooting at the opportunity was a very good idea. For one reason, it would be a very good backup plan for if my Canadian PR application gets rejected or even delayed for any reason. On the other hand, my initial job hunt in Canada showed that the company I worked with, despite being a large European multinational company with global outspread, was not very famous in North America, and therefore my experience, when compared to the Canadian labour market, wasn’t very competitive. That meant that even if my PR application was accepted, and I was able to get the job in Ireland, I would have better chances of success in Canada if I had the European experience with this large US company before moving to Canada. So indeed, I applied for the job, spent almost 4 months between interviews and studying for more interviews, and I finally got a very good job offer with them. In the meanwhile, my Canadian PR was approved and I had to do my first landing in Canada before May 2016. This made me formulate a whole new plan: 1- While my Irish work permit is being processed by the Irish government, I’ll go to Canada and become a PR (giving me the right to return to Canada anytime) 2- I’ll go to Ireland to start my new job 3- I’ll use my annual leaves and days off in Ireland to return to Canada every now and then 4- After 2 years, I’ll make a decision about which of them I’ll settle down in based on the time I spend in both countries.  The plan is beautiful because not only does it open a decent way to immigrate (instead of immigrating without a job offer), it also offers me a future choice. Only one small problem appeared: going to Ireland from Canada would take more time than from the 3rd world country I used to live in, because as a new PR in Canada some of my documents are not ready yet. Since my employers in Ireland expressed their urgent need for employees, I decided to opt for speed over ease, by planning to return to the old country as soon as my Irish documents are ready. And this explains the reason I was less excited about arriving at Canada than I should have been: that I knew that I could probably stay for almost 3 weeks only and not move here permanently.

Anyways, all of this doesn’t mean by any means that my conditions here can even be remotely comparable with those in the miserable country I left behind. I’m really happy to say that I feel a million times better here than I used to be just days ago. The gorgeousness of the city of Ottawa this time of the year has captivated my soul that I’d probably dedicate a whole future entry to describe it. But for now, I’ll just say that the beautiful smell of liberty in the Canadian air is the best thing I’ve experienced in years …

1- I wrote previous entries ( Sweet and Sour & A sing to remember) about how my last days in that country felt, but I intend to write much more about my whole experience in it in much more detail in future entries.

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