Insodus: Returning back to the jungle (nightmares)

Insodus is a word I made up as an antonym of Exodus.

Next week this time I’ll be back in the country that hurt me so much that the mere thought of returning to it hurts. My land of slavery and bondage.

Last night I had a nightmare about being in it. It’s not my first nightmare since I came to Canada, maybe the third, but this one was the most intense of all.

The first one was about fear; fear of being unjustly arrested which only means easily being indefinitely locked away. This is not an imaginary fear in that place. In fact, when I woke up today, pictures of a young woman from that country who’s being subjected to this very oppression were surfacing on social media. The pictures showed the girl -almost 23 years old but looks like a child- sobbing in bitterness because her police custody has been renewed  after being detained for months without any real charges! Her deteriorated medical conditions didn’t seem to induce any mercy in the dead hearts of her jailers. It’s worthy to note that she was illegally arrested in the first place when she disappeared around the middle of this year and was found to have been abducted by the police forces. If you’re wondering how can a person who has been illegally imprisoned stay in prison for this long, may I remind you that there are no laws in the jungle …

The second nightmare was brief. It was about disgust from the ugly streets and buildings of that place. The third nightmare, however, seemed to have lasted the longest of the three. In it, I had to travel for a very long distance in an uncomfortable method of transportation to get a piece of paper that I needed to travel to Ireland. The intense part was when I was deeply insulted by a security guard. I can’t quite remember why or how this happened exactly, but what I clearly remember is my severe feeling of indignity as a human being. A feeling with which I’ve been struggling for the last 17/18 years i.e. since I moved to that miserable country as an innocent child …

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