Present Paradoxes

(I wrote this on Jan the 24th 2017)

If life is just a blink of an eye, a sudden moment of celebrating existence, then we must be grossly wasting it; if we’re spending all of our time captive to our thoughts. Whether it’s our memories or expectations about the future, they’re all just thoughts. They’re not real. It seems like we are born, get lost in thought, and then, before we know it, die. What a waste!

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Cold Nights

(I wrote this in Jan 2017. Probably around the 23rd or the 24th … on a cold night)

Sometimes at night I feel so cold. I imagine someone hugging me. I think I try to imagine it so hard, as if if I try hard enough, maybe I could actually start to feel it. But I never do. And I stay cold.
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