Mirror of depression

(I wrote this on the 28th of Jan 2017 as an attempt to describe my state of mind around the end of a phase of depression, where the dark thoughts are still felt, but not as effective.)

Warning: objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

Bad memories appear closer than they really are, good times seem rarer. True friends seem fewer, haters multiplied. Darkness seems endless, light like a split second. Pain feels stronger, happiness abstract. Hurtful voices sound louder, praise and support insincere. Misery abundantly immanent, laughs lost in oblivion. Everyone disappoints, kindness is invisible. Nights are colder, our hearts made of stone.

People are ghosts, ghosts have faces, faces have no smiles, smiles lack love, love is just a word, words are void of meaning, meaning is meaningless, meaninglessness is the only truth, truth is a lie, lies are everywhere, everywhere is a trap, traps kill everything, everything is working against you, you are running out time, yet time seems to have stubbornly stopped forever.

Warning: Mirror is NOT reflecting a true image of the world. Believing it is extremely dangerous. True threat lies in how it distorts its own image. Can be indistinguishable from normal mirrors. Reportedly mistaken for being real. Creates a viscous loop difficult to escape. Difficulty of braking free increases exponentially if alone. If encountered, seek help immediately. Can literally be lethal.


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