A quick warm forever

(I wrote this about my friend SR, and have been struggling for a while to complete it. I guess that means it is complete, so I decided it to post it as is.)

When you step out of a warm shower on a cold night, the world seems colder.
But it’s somehow warmer, when you step out of a warm hug that you’ve awaited forever.
“But forever could just be around the corner”, she said without a second thought.
A thought that lingered in my mind.

So we walked around the corner together, to see for ourselves.
I don’t know if we found forever, but I remember losing her.
My greatest fear: losing her forever. Again.
But she returned unremembering, saying she never left.

In no time, I decided to take her inside to show her my collection.
I have two collections: wounds and fears, which I’ve been secretly carrying around.
“You’re rushing it”, said a voice in my head.
While another keeps shouting: “show her everything right now before you die, and you’ll die alone!”


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