A group of poems/letters

This is a group of poems/letters which I’ve written over the past months.

A lucid dream

(I started writing this one on 03-07-2017 and finished it on 10-07-2017. I remember writing it as a letter to my love some time during the same month.)

You know how, when in a lucid dream,
the boundaries of reality become so fragile
I wanna take you out of this world
Away from all of its demons and all of its gods

I beg you, my dearest, please
Let them fight their wars themselves
And let us steal some life for ourselves
I beg you, my dearest, for the sake of our love

Like accidentally hearing a Christmas carol in summer
A single loving touch can make an adult a child again
The tip of a finger a time-travel machine
An unexpected journey to a past I thought was forgotten forever

That feeling when you close your eyes while yawning
And inhale the whole universe for a moment
A pure love in a dark world is rejected
We’ve been sentenced to live here as strangers for life

I find myself driven to be your guardian angel
Not that I’m anything close to being an angel
But what if angels are nothing like what we’ve been told
You fight my demons, my dearest, and I fight yours


A message in a bottle

(I wrote this to my love on a “message in a bottle” one day. I gave it to her with a gift that said: “you’re my angel”.)

To my love angel,
To my friend,
To my family,
To my sunshine,
To my sweetheart,
To my love,

Just wanted to remind of how I see you: my sweet lovely angel.
I wish you all the happiness in the world. I wish you become so happy that you say “enough”.

Thank you for being in my poor life and blessing it with your illuminating presence.

Yours trully,


An undesired identity

(I started writing this one on a cloudy evening on 16-08-2017, in Bray, Ireland, when I was feeling so down and bad about myself. I finished writing it on 18-08-2017.)

You wish it rains.
That it rains so hard,
that your whole existance gets washed away
And that you wake up in a world
Where you don’t have to live with who you are.

What if you had a closet
with multiple identities?
Why would would you choose yours?!
How would you look like naked;
without any lips; without any scars?

When you strike out a word in a letter.
Or use an asterisk in a text.
Do you feel the pain?
You wish it were perfect.
You wish you were who she needed you to be.

Is it better to live for a million days and die in one,
or to die for a million days and live in one?


A scream

(I wrote this on 14-09-2017, when I was feeling so desperate.)

I want to scream so hard
that the very own fabric of space
would feel obliged to transmit my sound
to the far reaches of the universe.


A scared superman

(I wrote this one while walking in the afternoon on 23-09-2017, which was a Saturday. I sent it to my love (on Facebook) as I was composing it. She was at work doing a weekend on-call. I went to buy some groceries to cook her lunch and surprise her.)

Me: I love you like there’s no one else in the world
Her: 🙂🙂🙂

Me: I miss you like nothing makes sense without you
Her: 🙂🤗

Me: I wish I were a superman who’s always there during the storms
But I also have my own storms that bring me down sometimes
Her: You are a superman

Me: Sometimes I face worlds single-handedly without shaking
Some days I’m just a cold scared lonely child, desperate for kindness in the darkness
Her: I know you are strong

Me: I wish my tears can turn into rain that ends the long lasting draught once you wipe them
I wish my screams shake a silent empty universe when you hold them
Her: Just where do you get this stuff 🙂 [in Egyptian]

Me: I wish I can be in two places at once, so I could be by your side all of the time
And simultaneously prepare a surprise for you around every corner

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