There’s no one there

When you need someone, there’ll be no one there
When you need to talk, there’ll be no one there
When you need support, there’ll be no one there
When you need a hug, there’ll be no one there
When you need to cry, there’ll be no one there
When you need kindness, there’ll be no one there
When you need mercy, there’ll be no one there
When you need shelter, there’ll be no one there
When you need acceptance, there’ll be no one there
When you need understanding, there’ll be no one there
When you need healing, there’ll be no one there
When you need warmth, there’ll be no one there
When you need family, there’ll be no one there
When you need friendship, there’ll be no one there
When you need some light, there’ll be no one there
When you need some hope, there’ll be no one there
When you need some meaning, there’ll be no one there
When you need love, there’ll be no one there
When you need anything, there’ll be no one there

You were born alone, you’ve lived alone, and you’ll die alone.

No one is there, no one was ever there, and no one will ever be there for you.

The next-morning depression

(I wrote this on the 27th and 28th of Oct)

I tried to wash away the tears,
But the water from my eyes was more than that in my hands.
The bitterness of my tears overtook the neutrality of the river.
What is it about my tears that incite anger rather than compassion?!

People’s faces in public transport in the morning, that are so neutral and cold.
No one knows how different they were last night.
A warm smile on a warmer shoulder, laughs of joy and excitement,
Or wails and screams begging a loved one not to leave.

I can’t seem to smile at children again.
That disgusting envy!
Why couldn’t I have the same love and happiness they have?
Why couldn’t I have the warmth that all creatures need?

I wish I’m delusional

Maybe what’s worse than the pain is feeling that there’s no one there for you. That all doors are closed … all eyes are void of care … all ears aren’t listening … all hands are unavailable … all kindness consumed … all hearts closed. I hate this feeling more than I have hated anything in my life. I wish I could know why it seems to follow me everywhere; no matter where I go … no matter what I do. I wish it’s just something in my head. I wish I’m delusional. I wish that somehow the doors are imaginary, the eyes are pretending, the ears are hidden, the hands are invisible, the kindness can be found, and the hearts just misunderstood.

Loneliness … loneliness … loneliness

Loneliness … loneliness … loneliness … loneliness … more loneliness … even more loneliness … lonely loneliness … loneliness inside loneliness … bitter loneliness … painful loneliness … abandoned in loneliness … left to die in loneliness … surrounded by loneliness … inescapable loneliness … damned loneliness … fucken loneliness … universal loneliness … unending loneliness … true loneliness … meaningless loneliness … lonely meaninglessness … alone with someone … someone alone … someone unwanted except by loneliness … trapped in loneliness … cold loneliness … dark thoughts of loneliness … loneliness feeding on loneliness … lonely tears … lots of lonely tears … suppressed screams of loneliness … a lonely sigh

A group of poems/letters

This is a group of poems/letters which I’ve written over the past months.

A lucid dream

(I started writing this one on 03-07-2017 and finished it on 10-07-2017. I remember writing it as a letter to my love some time during the same month.)

You know how, when in a lucid dream,
the boundaries of reality become so fragile
I wanna take you out of this world
Away from all of its demons and all of its gods

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A 3rd letter

Dear Beloved S.,

Today I heard about a study on the effect of looking into a lover’s eyes for some time. They found that if two lovers continuously keep eye contact for a sufficient amount time (if I remember correctly: more than 4 mins), their brain activities sync. Moreover, they also found that their heart beats can sync too! One researcher described it as becoming “one large synchronized system”. Maybe that’s why I find myself staring into your eyes whenever I can without being able to explain why. Sorry if that bothers you.
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The second letter … to a girl I fell in love with

Dear Beloved S.,

Once upon a time, a couple of ducks were waiting patiently for their new baby ducks (ducklings) to hatch out of their eggs. Although all of the eggs looked the same, when they hatched, one specific duckling looked very different than all of the others. Yes, the other ducklings weren’t identical, but this duckling was very different. His neck was weirdly longer, his legs were weirdly darker, and even the color of his feathers was weirdly unusual. The mother and father ducks were so surprised, but they did their best to love him just like any other of their ducklings. The other ducklings, however, weren’t so nice to him. They never stopped making fun of him and avoiding him, and they called him “the ugly duckling”. As they grew up, our duckling tried his best to fit in by trying to act and look like like all of the normal ducklings. But despite all of his efforts, he never succeeded. The more he grew up the more obvious the differences became. He didn’t look like the others, didn’t walk or swim like them, and he didn’t sound like them. He always hated himself for being an outcast. Continue reading

I have become love

When Oppenheimer witnessed an experimental atomic explosion, he reportedly remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad-Gita, “Now I [have] become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

This, to me, is a very strong line. It often makes me think about how it didn’t say “I bring death” or “I have become the source of death”, and instead describes a state of “becoming death” itself. It’s so much power that it’s not only a “destroyer of lives”, rather a destroyer of entire worlds.
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My worst companion

He’s the only one who has been there since the beginning. He never lets go. He’s so fucking stubborn. The more I tell him I don’t want him, the tighter he holds on to me. Lots of people come and go, but he’s the only one who seems to remain. To be honest, I sometimes feel I miss him, but it’s not because of him, rather because he’s frankly better than bad company.
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